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"Hey, nii-kun, don't you have, like, thirty Taurus back in Masara?" Mizuki reminded him.

Mallow gapped at him. "You have thirty of them? How?"

Ash grimaced as he placed his sandwich down. "Well, this is way back when I started out my journey, collecting Gym Badges in Kanto. There's this place called the Safari Zone, where you're given 30 special Pokéballs to catch Pokémon within." He shook his head as he sighed. "Yet no matter the Pokémon I was trying to catch, a herd of Tauros would always get in the way, until, well..."

"You ended up with a herd yourself," Kiawe finalized. "It must be the same herd Principal Ookido mentioned, that lives at his cousin's ranch?"

"Wait, those are Ash's?" Sophocles couldn't help but stare at the Kantonese for a bit. "You're seriously not pulling our legs?!"

"That's amazing," Lana noted.

Ash simply shrugged. "It was absurd at the time, but once I got my Snorlax, turns out they were useful in waking him up."

Mizuki frowned. "I can see you naming them by numbers, since it's hard to think up names for thirty of the same Pokémon!"

"I did, but instead of using the languages I'm fluent in, I used one that's not well-known. That way, it's not too obvious they're named after numbers."


"Woah, Ash, where did you get those scars?!"

Ash looked over his shoulder. "What scars, Sophocles?"

"You're kinda looking at them? The parallel ones."

The Kantonese passed his hand against the mentioned scars. "Oh. Those ones. Got them from Zangoose attacking our camp back in Sinnoh."

That made Lillie's eyes go wide. "Why would they attack you specifically?!"

"At the time, I just took in a Chimchar that..." Ash glanced over to Lillie, "...Wasn't happy with their former trainer, and it was scared of Zangoose." A soft smile appeared on his face. "When one of them went to attack Chimchar, I just... put my body between the two."

"You're crazy, Ash," Sophocles told him, gaping. "What kind of trainer are you?!"

"He's a Kawaguchi like me, Sophocles," Mizuki explained. "We tend to be more sensitive to the needs of people and Pokémon due to our linage."

"Kawaguchi?" Now Sophocles had his brows furrow. "I thought his last name's Ketchum like yours?"

"In my case," Ash began, "my family has this unique tradition of having alternate names to honor the Ketchum and Beauxchamps that impacted the linage in a prominent way, like Sir Aaron Ketchum who's an ancestor of ours. With Mitz, however," he continued, "her side doesn't follow the tradition, but her father is a Ketchum from Unova."

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Aug. 14th, 2017 03:18 pm
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Haha, I just spent nearly an hour relabelling all my icons on here. It takes some time when there's 200 of the little buggers to go through, including a handful that I only uploaded within the last few days. ^^; I'm glad I did it, though, because now it should be easier for me to find the right icon to use for a post/comment and see what fandoms I've got represented in my lineup.

Having loads of icons to pick from featuring various characters from various fandoms -- even obscure ones! -- is the reason I keep paying for my DW account year after year. :D

My unpopular Star Ocean game ranking

Aug. 13th, 2017 01:25 pm
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Star Ocean 3 > Star Ocean 1 > Star Ocean 4 > Star Ocean 2

(SO5 isn't included because I don't have a PS4 and therefore haven't played it.)

Yes, you're seeing that right -- I ranked the fandom-darling SO2 lowest. That's not to say I dislike it, though! I think they're all great games! I just think SO2 gets put on too big a pedestal at times, so it feels to me like people forget that it has flaws of its own (main case in point to me: the way the plot revolves so much around Claude and Rena that the other playable characters feel like a bunch of irrelevant extras who are mostly there to fill up party slots). The fact that its stans can get pretty nasty about the other installments, especially SO3, doesn't help either.

Speaking of SO3, I think the fact that it was the first game in the series I played is a big part of why I rate it the highest; I guess it's the same kind of "first one I played wins" bias that I'm sure a lot of SO2 fans have. The game may have had its issues, especially in terms of the plot, but I got so utterly attached to it that I still feel a lot of nostalgia for it even now -- and it's been about 12 years since I was really into it. (It's scary to think that it's been that long!) That nostalgia's what inspired me to write this post out of the blue, actually.

As for SO1, something about the game and its characters just really endeared themselves to me, I guess; I wish it wasn't so ignored by the wider fandom. Because I enjoyed this game as much as I did, I loved getting to revisit Roak in SO4.

Truth be told, I still haven't actually finished SO2 or SO4, and because I've got other games on the go right now, I can't see myself doing so anytime soon either. Still, I'm nearly at the end of my first playthrough with Claude in SO2 and got pretty far in SO4, so I feel like I can make reasonable judgements as to how I rank them compared to the other games.


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