Why I love Tokyo Xanadu

Sep. 22nd, 2017 11:10 am
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I bought and started playing this game on the Vita around the beginning of August. I initially thought it might just be a temporary distraction before I put it aside in favour of some shinier game, but not only did Tokyo Xanadu turn out to be a very shiny game in its own right, but I found myself getting super invested in it -- and after about a month and a half, during which I clocked up about 80 hours of playtime, I finished my first playthrough last weekend!

As much as I love this game, it sadly doesn't seem to have gotten much fandom attention, so I thought I'd write a gushy post (not a formal review by any means) talking about why I'm so bloody fond of it; I'm hoping it might encourage more people to give the game a try, along with calling out to existing fans. :3

Cue the spoiler-free gushing! )

I started playing Trails of Cold Steel shortly after beating TX, and I'm enjoying that so far as well. I guess I'm steadily falling into Falcom hell!

Meme ganked from... multiple people

Sep. 20th, 2017 09:49 am
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Leave two ships in my replies and I'll choose which I ship more. :)
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Me: Dude, Sara, we should write Red into the story, it would be a battle of the AUs!
Also me: *The first thing written for BT is Red breaking down in tears in front of the WAA lawyers.*
Also me: *RPs scenarios that has Red being miserable*
Also me: *has it that Red hates the whole Champion role, fled to Mount Silver to avoid all stress related to it, and only came down to find Ash*
Also me: *also has it that Red values family over almost everything, and thus is in agony when Ash is in a coma/unconscious for four/five days*
Also me: *Makes Red into Apollo Justice 2.0 when it comes to his emotions, explaining Red's stoicism*
Also me: *accidentally ties Red into the plot by being the one who caught Pikachu, both him and said Electric Mouse ending up having a trauma involving the capture, and Red having issues with Team Rocket involving said trauma*
Also me: *has Red get bitten by a Zubat's Poison Fang AT THE NECK.*
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Because Red has issues with catching Pokémon. Consider this a pseudo-sequel to Champion's Voice.

How had he not noticed those scars before? )

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It's basically her part of Chapter 2 from her PoV, using 3rd person.


When she finally had a good look at the Ketchum kid, the boy blending in with the white sheets of the bed he was placed in, Remilia was reminded why she chose to work in a human hospital instead of a Pokémon Center. The world was a dangerous place, and sometimes people forget about their own health over their Pokémon's- someone needed to keep an eye out for the humans.

Though, from the development of what's going on besides this kid being in intensive care, did lead her to believe that IF a Pokémon was the one behind his thankfully healed wounds, it had to belong (or used to belong) to a Trainer. No wild Pokémon had ever caused these sorts of injury as far as she's been aware, especially the internal bleeding around the ribs part.

The kid lucked out in being a universal reciever- that way, there wouldn't be much worry in looking for his blood type in the storage, and in a pinch, Pokémon blood can be used as well. Thankfully, there was no need to get to the Pokémon Center's storage, with the help of concerned donors worried for the boy's state.

It's been almost three days since the kid arrived, and with all those transfusions and care everyone's Pokémon could give, he was finally stabilized from a coma to unconsciousness. It was easier to maneuver around his bed with less tubes and drips stuck into him, and hearing him breath on his own? Music to her ears. The Lake of Life really was a miracle maker- too bad it's now deem a crime scene.

Which explained why Phoenix Wright, the King of the Turnabout himself, was in the waiting room with her while she was on break.

Because of course it would be Phoenix Wright- he's usually one to take murder cases (except the last one, where the victim's unexplainable survival surprised even the culprit), but if kids are involved, being a father? It made total sense he'll take the case. The Ketchum kid's younger than his daughter, even.

...Wasn't the Kanto Champion also named Ketchum? Better pick up Johto Weekly after work.

Mr. Wright was in the middle of drinking coffee when a kid bursted in yelling for information about a friend.

"Gary Oak, right?" the attorney queried.

Gary Oak. Wasn't that the name of...

...Wait, that's Professor Oak's grandson?! Having only seen pictures of the professor, she really couldn't tell the new kid was related to him, but she did remember Brock mentioning that Gary and Ash were childhood friends, as well as rivals in the battle circuit.

"...been flying for three days and two nights straight..."

Of all the parts of the conversation she just had to properly overhear, it had to be something like that. She wanted to get up and smack Gary upside his head, but was he or Mr. Wright even aware she was present? She wasn't in the mood to spook anyone-

-and yet Gary did get spooked by someone calling him, begging Mr. Wright to hide him. And once the people that called out for the kid appeared, she understood why Mr. Wright agreed to help him.

There were something just... off about these adults that Remilia couldn't pinpoint physically, but the way they spoke about Ash was ignorant, disrespectful and dismissive of his state. Who in the Reverse World says this kind of stuff about a kid who was formerly in a coma, and so casually at that?! And the inconsistency between their claims and Brock's could be measured as the distance between the planet and the moon.

She just had to do something. A white lie of having a phone call might resolve the tension- she fiddled with her phone, hoping the music player would play the last song she listened to- 'Bad Romance' would work as a ringtone, right?


SHIT! 'MASS DESTRUCTION' IS NOT A PROPER CELLPHONE RINGTONE! Of all songs to play instead of 'Bad Romance', of course it had to be that. Way to emphasis her geeky side, phone.

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