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I'm not sure if it's a satisfying end for the snippet, but I feel like it's pretty finished for one.

Come and read!

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‡After "Champion's Voice"

Neutral comment~

Red: ...
Phoenix: *Guess Red's got nothing to say.*


Red: You'd like to know more about me? Well, I guess I can tell you this. I'm so warm-blooded that hot weather gets me ill, but I can wear short sleeves when it's snowing. Wonder if I have the Flame Body Ability...

Red: ...I don't think Professor Oak told him, but I was the one who found Ash's Pikachu. His and mine are siblings, and the good Professor was looking for one to study... then give as Ash's starter Pokémon, apparently. Never really understood that.

Red: I'm still trying to process that someone would set her up like this. From what I can tell, she and Ash actually have a good relationship- which is good, because I'll admit that Ash tends to be reckless at times.

Red: My first Gym Battle, and Ash's, was against this guy. Being the eldest of a large family is a big responsibility for a guy like Brock, so I'm kinda glad he's been traveling with Ash and being an older brother to him in my stead.

Red: ...I hope I can see him soon. It's a struggle, to not being allowed to see him.
Apollo: I don't blame you. It took me a few days before I was permitted to see Clay, and it was agonizing.
Red: I can't imagine the trauma Ash's going through. I just wish I can help him somehow...
Phoenix: Hang in there, Red. *Seeing him upset breaks my heart- no kid should go through this...*

Red: While I'm well aware of Team Rocket, and heard about these two from Ash, I don't know much else- Misty and Brock should know more about them, sorry.

PRESENT GARY (after meeting him)
Red: ...Huh. Gary's here. I haven't seen him in a long time, either. I'll admit Ash was closer to him than I was, but I do consider him a friend.


Red: The sunflower shaped badge of a lawyer... when you think about it, it has a similar appeal to a Gym Badge- a symbol of strength against adversity. There's actually a law firm in Goldenrod who's mascot is a Sunflora, now that I think about it.
Athena: Really?! Aw, man, there goes my idea for the Agency's mascot!
Apollo: I thought Charley was our mascot?

Red: Welp, that's one berry I'm not gonna be able to tolerate any time soon.
Athena: Yeah, Brock said he thinks it was written in Razz berry juice.
Red: Oh, I know. Razz trees are plentiful in that area. Razz vinaigrette's a popular dressing in Olivine, in fact!

Red: ...Ash really liked my jacket, so we got his in blue so there wouldn't be any confusion between the two of us. And now... it's stained in blood...

‡After Ash awakens

Neutral answer

Red: Sorry, I'm not sure what to talk about, Mr. Wright.


Red: My father's an Aura Guardian, so I've always wondered if I had the ability to use it, too. Maybe I can throw Aura Spheres around?

Red: My mom and Aunt Delia are fraternal twins. While most people would think that they're different as night and day, they're much more similar than one think.

Red: Professor Oak always treated Ash like a second grandson. Which really doesn't surprise me at all, now that I think about it- Uncle Mark was just as busy as my own father.

Red: That cap of his... that was my gift to him after becoming Champion. Seeing him wearing it... for some reason, it fills me with pride.

*More to be added in the future*

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Dear fic_corner scribbler )

Fandom rambles )

Thank you in advance! Love ya! <3
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-"I am first and foremost Kanto's League Champion. I must not let my guard down, ever." "It's noble of you to believe so, Red, but are you sure that you're being honest with yourself?"

Have you... talked to Ash about this? He is the victim, after all. )

¹Yes I totally copy-pasted that from you with some mods, Sara. It was too perfect.
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"...Again, thanks for giving me the chance to do this. Being Champion really have its perks, doesn't it?"

"Anything to make your dreams come true, 'Toko."

"You're such a sweetie, 'Toru! Hey, speaking of dreams, any update on 'To- hold on, is that him behind you?!"

The boy shifted his body to try and discreetly see if what the girl said was true. He stayed silent for a few seconds before addressing her again. "Can I call you back? I'm gonna speak with him."

"I'm definitely ready to take on the next Gym!" Satoshi mentioned to his companions. "My Pokémon and I are-"


The trio turned around at the voice that, while remnisciant of Satoshi's, had a soft-spoken quality to it. Near the videophones was a boy who had an uncanny resemblance to Satoshi from far away; even their clothes were similar, with the major difference being their color. Next to him was a Lizardon that exuded a powerful aura of strength, yet was just as calm as the boy beside him. And on the Lizardon's head was another Pikachu, staring aimlessly at the ceiling.

Satoshi's eyes widen, as did Naru. "'Toru-kun?! Is...Is that really you?!"

"'Toru-kun... As in Kanto's Champion, Satoru?!" Takeshi looked at Satoshi before looking back at the stranger. "I thought you looked familiar, Satoshi! But, you said you were an only child, right?"

"Yeah, I am. Satoru and his twin Satoko are my double cousins, though, since our dads are siblings and our moms are twins."

"It's... not a very common event," Satoru explained as he and the Lizardon approached the trio. "Even for the Kawaguchi, mind." A soft smile appeared on the Champion's face, the Lizardon doing a double take upon seeing it. "It's good to see you again, 'Toshi-kun."

"The same here, but..." Satoshi frowned. "What are you doing here? Champion business?"

Satoru shook his head. "Just passing by," he mentioned, taking a quick glance over at the Pikachu on Lizardon. "I know you've met Ignatius at my celebration of becoming Champion, but I can't remember if you've met Thora."

“Wait, Thora?!” Naru scrambled onto the top of Satoshi's head. “Hey, sis!” he called out to his fellow Pikachu. “It's me, Naru!”

“...Naru?” Thora looked towards him, then crawled to Ignatius' shoulder to be near Naru's level. “Naru, you're...” She launches herself towards her brother, almost knocking Satoshi down as two Pikachu were now on his head, hugging each other with Thora sobbing her eyes out.

"Easy, Thora!" Satoru winced at his cousin's predicament. "Sorry, 'Toshi, I've never seen her this excited before."


“Hey, Naru!” A familiar Pikachu waved as the group entered the house. “Nice seeing you here!”

“Wha-Thora?!” Naru bolted towards his sister. “Satoru's here, too?”

"Oh, not just him," another familiar girl noted as she came out of the room next door. "Nice seeing you guys again!"

"Talk about a family reunion," Satoshi noted as he removed his sneakers. "How long were you and 'Toru-kun here, 'Toko-kun?"

"I've been here for a week now," Satoko answered, "and 'Toru's been here for two days." She smirked at her cousin. "You've got good timing, catching both of us here at Enju."



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