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The real reason Radiant Dawn fails

It's not shitty writing or boring supports. It's because of fucking Ike. This fucking happens every time we have an FE game with a kickass female lead, she gets pushed down and stepped on in favor of fucking males and their fucking penises! Sure, Micaiah's a princessy little Mary Sue faux action girl skankbitch, but if it weren't for that overrated, overpowered fucktard Ike she could've turned into a hardened badass who owned the day! Of course, if I made the game I'd have traded in her pussy light magic for a kickass axe and some knives, but even so! Fucking sexist Nintendo and IS putting males in their games. Fuck Ike, fuck his muscles, fuck his powers and stupid swords and fuck his sappy pansy convo with Soren! It's his fault Micaiah ended up useless!
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*damsellicious scream goes here*

Aaie! Oh, help, please, this horrible creature is going to violate me! *sobs* Oh, Zacharias...!
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*a passive wriggle is all you're gonna get, Missy*

N-no! You're horrible, you're the most disgusting woman on the planet! *choked sob* Leave me alone!
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*weeps many sparkling crystalline tears of humiliation and violation and helplessness*

Oh, won't somebody please save me...!
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*Guess who's STILL clicking pictures and crackling? Yeah, it's Kaede.*

I'm so gonna post this everywhere... Ufufufufufu...
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*shoves [insert Kaede's gender here] to the ground* You scumbag, you see nothing wrong with standing by for a RAPE if it's against somebody you despise?
And this comm calls ME a heartless bastard?
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lol stfu fag its not raep essie wqanrs it *fapping*
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You're too stupid to be worth an argument.
Put that away before I fracture it.

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*Kaede slowly gets up... then waves her camera.* You've never heard of gathering evidence, have you? And considering the history of this place, if Missy tried do to something more than this sort of humiliation, you'd bet I'll kick her ass! But I bet you don't even care about Essie's actions, only that she follows "canon". I have the right to do that, right?
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*Aaand Kevin approaches.* Chast, not to sound rude or anything, but I think pictures ARE a little excessive. I mean, screw Missy and Esmeralda's got my eternal hatred for what she said to Lionel, but we've humiliated the latter enough already. I'd rather you delete those pictures, if you don't mind. No, you can't say it's for your tumblr photoblog, Chast.

*And then he turns to Zach.* I believe no one sent you a link to Esme's transgressions?

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*just keeps bawwing and crying sparkling tears while putting up a pathetic struggle*
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Esmeralda? Are you -

*sees flash of movement out of the corner of his eye* ((...****.))
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Zacharias...! *weeping in shame now*
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*is a bit too busy to talk, unfortunately; it seems Missy has some muscles with which to back up her attitude problems...*

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*slams over head with a boxed set of physics textbooks*
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Not a book. About four hardcover books bundled together.

I'm not surprised it didn't dent your thick skull, however. Now - *takes another swing at her*

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*Guess who took a picture and ran as fast as she could back to her room, crackling like a madwoman?* Oh, this is just GOLDEN!
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[personal profile] joekickass 2013-02-22 02:28 (UTC)(link) said something about how you'd never be into Essie, huh. *smirks* Don't worry, I'm sure once Zachy-boy's had enough to drink he won't mind sharing!