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Revolutionary Girl Utena is awful enough on its own, with its rampant debauchery and shameless disregard for anything holy, but the fandom it has is the worst of all!

People corrupting the friendship between Utena and Anthy into lesbian pornography just as much as the atrocious movie does, and then getting angry at anyone who disagrees with them! People criticising Ruka for wanting to guide Juri away from the influence of a foul and irredeemable harlot! People defending the likes of Kozue and Shiori even when they behave like prostitutes! People treating Utena like a victim when she chooses to sleep with an engaged man! People absolving Anthy of blame for participating in the crime of incest! People acting like that revolting playboy Touga should be held any less accountable for his actions when he fornicates with older men like his school chairman and his own father! It's all so awful, and I'm only scratching the surface!

I only wish everyone could pay more attention to sweet, innocent Kanae, for she is the only pure maiden in that entire pit of sin! (I cannot even describe Miki as pure when he allows a male teacher to touch his behind and is implied to have sexual urges for his own sister!)

Please, my Lord, let me not be the only one who feels this way...! *breaks into pathetic sobs*
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I was hoping it wouldn't come to this but Patrick's been playing Path of Radiance and won't shut the fuck up about this character. So here goes.

Cut for length and spoilers )
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Welp, I know you guys love a good fanfic, so, uh... have a snippet!


Feb. 5th, 2014 07:51 pm
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So, to make this a long story short, a group of peeps over on my forums was curious about some of my banned members and seeing them on other forums... and wanted to know about their banning history. So, to humor them, I tallied the numbers of forums from each of my banned members are banned as well, and...

Esmeralda Iceworth...? Would you mind explaining how it is that you're on top of my list by being banned on 20 forums you've been to (including mine), and all of the bannings is because you've disrespected the forum rules...?
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So CLAMP's gotten a bad rap for too much angst and doing the "wrong" pairings. Namely over-invested Tomoyo/Sakura fans who could give psychotic Zutarians a run for their money with the Syaoran hate and Tomoyo worship and revenge fics.

But they're wrong. There is only one valid reason to be mad at CLAMP, and one reason only.

Cut for Reasons )
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Because it's only a matter of time before Cassie storms in with her SJW crap, Rod starts fapping, Stuart whines over the new type kicking his precious dragons' asses and Mila goes all deconstructionist on our asses

So, what do you love most about X and Y? Personally I can't really choose, everything's just so epic and awesome. The story, the characters, the new Pokemon, the graphics, the music, the new features, the five-man I the only guy here who would do Prof Sycamore in a heartbeat? And Viola is fucking adorable.

Also, Mega Evolution? As if Venusaur couldn't get any MORE awesome! And mega Gardevoir is hella pretty, I like how not all Mega Evolutions were RAWR MANLY BADASS.
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All the female characters in Awakening are stupid bitches anyway but Severa's SO bad she makes me sick to my stomach and seeing her makes me wanna throw up!!! She's so mean to all the mens, like demanding Brady get her things and making Owain said and being mean to Inigo!! And worst of all is poor little Yarne! The poor widdle bunnyboi just wants to stay alive and she's yelling at him and demanding he fight because she says so! She's a bad cunt!!! And she's so mean to her daddy, demanding he buy her things all the time!! How dare she! Stupid whore! I kill Cordelia anyway so I don't get her but I see pics of her and quotes from her on tumblr and it-it triggers me! Stupid bitch, she should die!!! *kills her* *squishes Yarne and Male!Morgan together and watches them cuddle sweetly* There there, she'll never be mean to you again!
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A close inspection of the Fire Emblem sections for both and Archive Of Our Own has rendered my deepest fear a reality: That the release and popularity of Awakening has all but destroyed the limited dignity this fandom already had, and what's actually left is hanging on by a thread.

The Avatar themselves has brought the bulk of the fandom's downfall, the Mary Sue and Gary Stu problem was bad enough before, but Awakening has encouraged these plebians to create their own soppy romance with their canon character of choice! And not surprisingly, half of these stories are about Chrom. I cannot fathom how anyone could be so unintelligent and lacking in imagination as to want to marry that poor excuse for a man. Worse yet, the Avatar actually has some semblance of personality despite being a clear-cut Canon Sue/Stu and even that is destroyed in favor of making them a cardboard cutout tailored to act as the author's proxy.

And that's not even going into the quality of fanfiction about other characters. Granted, the characters are badly-written stereotypes to begin with, but that just leaves more room for intelligent writers to dig deeper, to deconstruct their behaviors and attitudes and limited personalities. Cordelia's unhealthy love for her lord, Sumia's soul-crushing self-esteem issues, Henry's bitter and bloody past, Olivia's crippling shyness, Frederick's obsessive-compulsive disorder and unhealthy attachment to Chrom.

But where are these intelligent stories? Nowhere. Instead, we have copious amounts of childish fluff, usually shipping related. Little slice-of-life stories that have no place during a war. And of course, pointless pornography littering AO3.

This is what has become of the franchise, people. Shattered into pointless bits of stupidity by drooling fanbrats who don't even bother to think about what they write anymore. And it makes me want to reach out to these fans and scream, use your minds! Demand more quality from your entertainment! A good strategy game is supposed to encourage deep and critical thinking! But of course we can't, and what stings the most is that Nintendo and Intelligent Systems encouraged the series' downfall.

What was once a great and noble franchise has become a landfill for idiocy.

If only the series had ended with this game. Then we wouldn't have an insipid crossover and a possible fourteenth game to dread.
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C'mon, dudes! What's not to love about a show about swimming and rivalry and ho!yay and hot bods?

All the guys bitching about the manservice are made of phail, because this stuff is EPIC!
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and some of the others like raian and gordin and also the little kids in pokemon and the earthbound fags

ISN'T IT GROS?!?!?! NO ONE WANTS TO SEE STUPID LITTLE BOY LEGS! IT'S NASTY!!!!! ur gonna turn all fe players into pedos and then theyll strop caring abopuit teh hot chiclks!!!

i mean shorts are cool on their own and dudes can wear them look at beavis and butthead.

they wear shorts but theyre not doing it to be faggy shotas they just look cool and laidback and stuff

nintendo you gotta stop with this stupid shota crap srsly
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Am I the only one here going CRAZY over Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies?!

Just... the demo, Apollo and Phoenix teaming up, the whole psychology thing, freaking Edgeworth coming back... And more!

Also, just... look at my icon. Tell me that Apollo didn't ended up attractive.
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The Summer Scramble map in Fire Emblem Awakening is deplorable, just deplorable! It was terrible enough that the Harvest map had suggestive dialogue between members of the same sex, but the filthy lines thrown every which way in this one are even worse! And they just had to have a scene in which Tharja, who is already an offence to everything good and holy, wears a bikini and *shudders* shows off her behind! Even the censorship couldn't save me from that horror!

It's not even necessary to the game at all! Only a sinner would choose to pay to download this tasteless borderline pornography!

And while I'm here, I must lament the character of Cherche. She had so much potential to be a pure and holy maiden, but not only does she show off her back and work for that vile philanderer Virion, but when she promotes to a Wyvern Lord, her outfit changes to what looks like *gasp!* a leotard! If only she never met that dragon of hers, she would never have gone down such a disgraceful path!
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So how would you have done Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn differently? Not in terms of changing the entire storyline or the concept, but in terms of execution and writing and character development.

I would've given the characters real support convos. I loved that anyone could support with pretty much anyone, but at the expense of development it doesn't mean much. Especially for the Dawn Brigade! I honestly liked these new characters and would've liked to hear about their backstories and such in the game as opposed to looking it up on a website or in a manual.

I also would've preferred the magic swords stayed magic-based, especially Mist's Florete. Strength is one of her worse stats, but she gets such good magic growths so it felt kind of like a waste. And being able to sell unneeded Master Crowns, too. Last time I played, money was always a concern for me and I nearly missed out on Volke (I had to sell almost all of my old weapons in storage).

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Today, the socks have all swapped personalities. Only they don't know it. And a bunch of crazy shit will go down. For the sake of time saving, all topics and things will go here. Essentially this is like one of those memes at bakerstreet only without designated sections. Just go wild.
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I was playing Path of Radiance on hard mode, and it came time to recruit Naesala. I put Ike in his path to bait him, and then I would have Reyson sing for Janaff so he could go and talk to him. Ike, of course, had broken his only decent sword one chapter ago so he was holding a Steel Blade. Well, Mist was level 18, and Ike was stupid enough to die at Naesala's beak! That worthless idiot didn't even have the good sense to dodge! And I'd already been forced to reset the chapter twice thanks to the ballistae slaughtering Tanith and then Reyson, who I don't loathe.

By now I'd had enough of Ike of Crimea, so I shut the game off. Ike is completely useless and I resent Intelligent Systems for forcing you to use him so much.
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If you continue to use the fan translated names for the Jugdral characters and locations even after the official localizations have been announced and set in stone, you are wrong.

True fans only use the proper, official names for characters and locations. If you can't even be bothered to spell the names correctly, why are you even in this fandom? Why not just write original fiction, and then you can spell everything as wrong as you wish? You'll never be taken seriously, of course, but at least you won't be defiling existing characters and settings with your lack of intelligence.

And don't cry that the characters have been known as "Ethlin" or "Sety" for the past decade, that no longer matters. The names given to us by Nintendo of America are the correct ones, and that is final.
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Your thoughts on the current state of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic?

I assume that no one here will be an idiot about Alicorn!Twilight.


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